We want you to know that your day is very important to us. We have made this guide to try to  help answer some of your questions. *Please note, May-October is incredibly busy, if we're not at your event, we are at someone's and we want to give them the personalized attention we will give you at your event. If you are trying to get in touch with us the week of your event, please call Chris at 727.412.4844. Please be patient if you contact us on a weekend. We WILL be in touch!!

What is the minimum number of people?

We don’t have a minimum number of people. We have a minimum charge. There are costs associated with just putting a crew together and taking an oven out and we have to cover those costs whether your party is 5 or 50 people. The minimum charge covers up to 50 people. 

What is the maximum number of people you can serve?

  We have yet to find our ceiling!

How long does it take you to serve 100 people?

Within 45 minutes to an hour tops, we are able to feed a wedding of 100 people. Most have had their fill by then but some want to casually saunter back for more and we  continue to serve on average for an hour and a half to two hours.

Is there is discount for children?

 Children under 5 eat free.

What if I want something other than pizza, what else can you cook in the oven?

 We only do pizza. In order to keep the oven at the temperature we need  to cook the pizzas not only in a timely manner so that all of your guests   are fed and happy, but the way they need to cook to taste the way they do, we cannot mess around with that. For example, your pizza will cook  around 900-1000 degrees. A prime rib will cook at 325 degrees.

Can I request which oven will be at my party?

 Open Hearth Pizza now has three ovens and dozens and dozens of catering jobs booked. It is a delicate balancing act for us,  which party gets which truck, based on distance to travel to the party, size of the party etc. so no, we can’t guarantee which oven will be at your party. We have to choose which oven will best serve the party. For the most part, the antique Mack truck is retired.

What happens if it rains?

 We have worked in the rain from slight sprinkles to downpours and even a hurricane! We bring tents and are fully equipped to work in the rain. However, we do reserve the right to delay service if there is thunder, lightning or a hazardous work condition that puts our safety at risk. We would suggest that you have arranged for a rain plan that includes an indoor eating option. We will park as close as we feasibly can and happily bring the pizzas indoors.

How close to the party can you get the oven?

 We love to be as close to the party as possible. Several factors, however, are out of our control. The ovens are over 10,000 pounds. We cannot drive on soft surfaces, over septic or sprinkler systems or through a field if it rained the day before or appears too soft. We  have to have a flat surface for the ovens and for our work surfaces. Unless we agree otherwise, we will contact you before your event to do a site visit and agree in advance the best location for the oven.

When will you arrive?

 We typically arrive between one and three hours before scheduled service time. It is a large window but it depends on many factors. For example, if we are at a party before your party, the oven is already hot and a great deal of the prep is also done so we will require    significantly less time to get ready for your party.

How long will you stay?

 Service typically lasts between 90 minutes and two hours. We want to ensure that your guests are full of pizza!! Once we notice them moving on to dessert and dancing, we begin to clean and pack things up.

Do you need power?

 No. We have our own solar panels; battery operated hot water & LED lights.

Do you bring plates? Tables? Silverware?

 We bring plain white paper plates, napkins or paper towels and plastic forks. If you want to use china and silverware, you will have to rent those from another vendor.

Will you bus the tables and wash the dishes if we rent china?

 It is an additional charge for Open Hearth Pizza to bus tables and wash dishes. Please keep in mind; you have to provide a wash station with hot water and a way to rinse with clean water.

How many varieties of pizza will you offer?

 We typically roll with about 5-6 basic pizzas and depending on what is available from our   local farmers and in-season, we will include a couple specialty pizzas. Of course, we can mix and match from whatever variety of ingredients we have on hand as well. Check our some examples on our pizza menu page! If you have a  favorite, let us know! We are always interested in trying something new if it is feasible.

Can people order their own custom pizzas?

 Yes. And no. But Yes! We do not make individual size pizzas. The pizzas are about 20-22     inches and sliced into 8 huge or 16 normal-sized pieces. We try to keep a table full of a  wide variety of pizza in the beginning of an event so we can feed as many people as quickly as possible with an offering for just about everyone. If someone wants one slice of a particular kind, we can typically accommodate that slice (or two or three) on another pie.

Can people make their own pizzas?


Do you offer table service?


Can you accommodate celiacs?

No. We can offer gluten free pizza crust if requested 2 weeks prior to your event’s date.  However, our workstations are covered with flour, the pizza peels are covered in flour, our aprons are covered in flour and the oven has flour in it. It is physically impossible for us , working in the environment we do, to accommodate celiacs.

Can you do vegan and dairy free pizzas?

Yes. We are happy to do vegan and dairy free pizzas. For both vegan and dairy free pizzas we offer a red sauce or an olive oil and garlic base and a variety of veggies for toppings. We do not use any kind of dairy free cheese. Dairy free cheeses cannot hold up in a 1000- degree oven. If the dairy free request is an allergy however, we cannot guarantee that there is not some cross contamination, a piece of cheese may very well have touched the tomato going on your dairy free pie. We work in a small environment where ingredients are constantly mingling.

Where’s your store?

All of our brick and mortar is currently mobile!! Please visit our calendar to find out where we will be next: www.openhearthpizza.com/calendar

Did you make the oven?

Depends on which one! Our very first oven was made by a mason (and friend). We may have been in the way a bunch, carried a few bricks and been the lunch-runner. We also had a small hand in building our second oven, the one that is on the back of the 1959 B-61 MACK truck. Our newest addition to the Open Hearth Pizza Family is a stunner that was made by the wonderful folks at Maine Wood Heat.

our newest addition to the fleet!!

our newest addition to the fleet!!