go big or... not.

pizza smile - open hearth pizza at the Five Corners Farmers' Market

pizza smile - open hearth pizza at the Five Corners Farmers' Market

go big or …. not.

we are approached just about every single day that we go out by someone exclaiming, “you’ve just go to franchise this!”

and while we appreciate the enthusiasm and support for our pizza, (truly, thank you, we feel the love) we’d like to take minute to explain exactly why we do NOT want to go big.

going big means ordering your food from a conglomerate. wait. but food comes from farms. and you buy it from farmers. going big means taking your hands out of the process and mechanizing as much as possible for the sake of speed. wait. but if my hands don’t touch the food, how can I connect with it? how do think good thoughts and share great energy while making food if it’s being “processed” by a machine?

here’s the thing. we’ll never be the farmer’s biggest customer. we’ll never be America’s greatest pizzeria. we don’t believe bigger is better. we do what we do because we enjoying being part of our community. we want to know where our food comes from. we’re interested in farms. we’re interested in people. we love to get lost in the process and look up and see smiles from our regulars and those newly discovering us. it brings us great joy to keep it simple. keep it small. just to feed people.

see, the thing about being “the pizza guy” is…  well, it’s a lot like being the “flower delivery guy” you get to make people smile. it’s that simple. and that’s good enough for us.